8 Aralık 2009 Salı

Salutation to African sky

African sky blue, your children wait for the dawn
African sky blue, soon a new day will be born
African sky blue, will you bless my life?
African sunshine, soon you will warm your children’s eyes
The african river water will dance and leap in your morning light
African sunshine
African river water, will you bless my life?
What can I know?
What can I dream?
What can I hope?
What will the future bring?
You shine through me, but will you see me through?
African sky blue
African thunderstorm, your soldiers march through the air
The african rain will fall and wash away all my tears
African falling rain, will you bless my life?
The warrior’s now a worker and his war is underground
With cordite in the darkness he milks the bleeding veins of gold
When the smoking rockface murmurs, he always thinks of you
African sky blue, will you see him through?

Johnny Clegg & Savuka Lyrics- African sky blue

3 Aralık 2009 Perşembe

South Africa 1

After a long time we could manage to take our time for a long vacation. This is the first trip of Ela with us and is the time we visit land of Africa. We have landed to Johannesburg and than to Capetown. There is no time difference with south africa so there is no jetlag issue.

We have first went to Hermanus. Hermanus is 1 hr drive from Capetown. It is a very nice summer area.(check the pictures I have published in facebook) Everything is nice and neat. Just by the ocean. We have stayed 3 nights. There is nice sea food in hermanus, watched the whales.

4th day we have gone to a safari resort in Wenceshter. On the way, all the roads are sided with wineyards. South africa is famous with wines. We have stayed in the game resort 1 night and had the safari tour. We have seen 4 animals out of big 5: Lion, Elephant, Rhinoceros and Buffalo. We could not see any Leopard. Emir enjoyed the tour very much. After the tour we have come to Capetown. Staying in a lovely guest house Cape Riviera. Here in Capetown there are many guest houses, nicely decorated with small number of rooms.

Till today the observations I have about africa is, Africa is a endowed with many different and beautiful things. One of the most amazing flora is in africa. We have seen many different trees, plants and flowers. She has a beautiful landscape, all those mountains, oceans, ...The other amazing is the animals of africa. Those that you watch in documentaries are generally in different parts of africa. Surrounded by sea, all sea animals are part of life. Africa is also a land of opposites: black and white, poor and rich, desert and sea, sun and rain...This is one of the most amazing part of the world. Africa Africa I loved you already.