28 Ağustos 2011 Pazar

Where are you? u ok?

I like being by myself time to time. Gives me the time to think where I am, in which phase of my life. Doublechecking with myself if I am doing alright. As if asking to a stranger, am I alright? Feeling good? anything missing? sparing enough time for myself? sparing enough time for my loving ones? Do I appreciate anough the good things around me? Once I promised myself that I am gonna let only positives in, others all out, so I check with myself, is there anything, anyone around me that does not?
Than I tend to think about some time past, what did I enjoy doing the most?
Sometimes I want my heart to rule my world, and I let her do that time to time. Exactly the times I need my mind to step in. Like the underwater creatures that open up but immediately closes back, here the danger comes...
Consiously or not, it is still my mind who rules my life and it is my hearth that confuse me the most. So I need these times for my mind to check with my heart:
“Hey! Are u ok? Am a treating you well or I am harsh on u?” And than my heart says
“I am a spoiled one, I want anything&everything in life, so I am happy u are around”